Inspiration can be just around the corner


I just love Reservoir, my new home in the burbs. Would you check out this garden?! Edward Scissorhands eat your heart out.


Best blocks on the block

womens mens

Toilet block architecture went off in the 60’s and 70’s. This one is in Regent/Reservoir (next to a new hipster cafe). I feel there should be further analysis of these rather unique constructions. Stay tuned for a detailed study.

Wrought Iron Rocks!


The swishes and swirls of wrought iron look so beautiful against the geometric lines of a suburban brick house. The pretty and organic designs are endless.

It’s as if each owner was trying to stand out with their own unique style and signature decoration – in what were the fairly repetitive suburbs of 1950’s Melbourne.

‘Battle of the flourishes’ or what?! Writhing ribbons of iron ready to enclose you. Is that gate alive?



Nice frontage

nice house front

Are they pineapples on the front porch?! Because if they’re not they should be. Note to self: Make Pineapple planters.
Sexy stripes and triangles too…