White bread catering

I never knew there was such a thing as white bread catering (maybe white trash perhaps?) Nor did I know that I was the authority on it. However, it came to light at my 40th birthday that it was one of my top 5 skills. Well, thank you! I mean, doesn’t everyone know how to make an Asparagus Roll?! And the devilled egg? It really needs no introduction. Growing up in the country, these were staples at afternoon teas, picnic lunches and, well, funerals. It’s the best thing about wakes – the food. Bring on the 70’s hors d’oeuvres I say. Volouvant anyone?!


aparagus roll_02

There will be more…


Knitted treats from my Mum

IMG_0472  My mother is a brilliant knitter. She’s always making stuff for her grand kids and other peoples grand kids. So when she presented me with this beautiful jumper for my birthday I was rapt!

jumper detail

Then. Out of nowhere came this little beauty.


What great colours. Thanks heaps Mum!
Now I should probably leave the house at some point so I can actually wear them.